About me

MitrakasIoannis Mitrakas, Greek artist who has always been attracted by the Byzantine culture and his deep Christian inspiration, began his career in the early 1970s. The artist is part of a current of Byzantine art that has never disappeared from the territories that were once commanded by the Byzantine Empire. Ioannis Mitrakas draws his inspiration from the Christian Orthodox art and the intensely spiritual style it bears. The artist founds in the Byzantine art the archetype for his works. Since the early years of his career, the art of secular and religious influence with its classical iconographic history inspired Ioannis Mitrakas, which blends with its style and allows his art to arrive at a meaningful and unique interpretation.


Each of his works is different in terms of identity, execution and design; all however are full of the deepest human values, they are pondered and they are studied in detail in an effort to bring to fore the inner features of the characters of his works. The small and medium-size paintings and icons are authentic masterpieces of an artist who does not want to give up on the essence and meaning of his art.


His painting technique remains the same tried one that so many Masters have used. This technique has provided along the years the means to reproduce secular expressions, natural powder colours are mixed with egg yolk and vinegar. The colours obtained are applied on canvas prepared by the artist himself and built on wooden planks of natural oak. Where available golden backgrounds are made of 22 karat gold.


Ioannis Mitrakas has participated in numerous international exhibitions in New York, Geneva, Denmark and across Greece where he still exhibits on a regular basis. Recently, the artist's work was exhibited at the Byzantine Museum of Athens and the Museum of the City of Athens. Moreover, he has made part of the frescoes decorating St. Paul's church in the Orthodox Centre of the Oecumenical Patriarchate in Chambesy, Geneva.


His works are broadly hosted in private collections and in art galleries around the world.